Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finkle Finkle

So if you want to hear the cutest sound in the world, listen to Emmy's rendition of "Finkle, Finkle, Little Star". Sorry I don't have video to go along with the audio. Trust me, she was smiling and completely into the performance.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

keeping it up

Back in January my favorite mom blogger, Elizabeth Ivie, wrote what might be her last(?) blog post. I used to read her posts every day. I adored her and her son and her experiences made me feel better about my own and her struggles made me want to cheer for her and her success made me proud. When she stopped blogging, I felt a little betrayed. I know, it's selfish, but I was mad that she was shutting out everyone who had supported her. I actually thought that I knew her and could stay in her life through the internet. But facebook, blogging, twitter - whatever - it's not friendship when you are just reading or watching from a computer screen. Likes and comments don't count as conversation. She is living her life and she still has her friends. 

When I started my new job I got too busy to take the time to write posts, collect and format pictures, and definitely not time to design something new. It's more than the new job though. Emmy is getting older and she is even more involved in our lives. We spend our evenings cooking together, talking about our days, coloring and cuddling on the couch. She gets most of our attention and after she goes to bed, Joe and I try to give each other some attention. Or, we cherish some alone time (for me - A BOOK!).

Things are so good but sometimes I worry that I'm going to forget too much. Sometimes the only way I can find my memories is by seeing them in a picture or reading about them in a post. So, I want to keep this blog up and take a little bit better care of it. I have no idea who is reading this (if anyone is reading this!) but if nothing else, I'll have a small piece of our lives out there... maybe even forever preserved in some format and at some point Emmy will be able to read this and watch herself grow up in a way that most people never can.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

big changes

Very few people grow up and become the person they imagined as a child. 
I certainly didn't become a veterinarian and according to MASH - I should be living in a mansion with 3 kids by now. But, in the ways that really count I am being the me I always wanted to be. 

I have the sweetest husband and the most affectionate daughter. I have a nice house and a funny dog and most of the time I am laughing and just enjoying everything I am so lucky to have. I have a supportive family and coworkers that are my very best friends. Everything is so good right now. But even if everything you have is great, you always have to keep your head up and your eyes open to the future. 

A good friend of mine started working for a really great company almost a year ago. She has loved her job and gets to travel to some of my favorite cities around the world for work and the company is entirely future-oriented with a bunch of young, smart and hard-working employees. A few weeks ago she told me that they were hiring. No matter how much I loved my job (and I did) I had to go check it out. And the job was perfect for me, I wanted it so much more than I thought I would and I took the offer.

I pick on my sister for hating change. But change really is hard. When you know you have something good it's hard to go for something better, there is just so much fear about the unknown. I wrote letters to my coworkers to tell them how I felt about them and I cried because I realized how much I loved them. My boss was kind enough to leave the door open for me to return but I knew I had to look at the future without keeping a foot in the past. 
Today I am rounding out the end of my second week on my new job and so far, I love it. I somehow managed to get a job doing my favorite parts of my old job but for a global company with excuses to speak to and work with people in South America, Canada, and (my personal favorite) England daily. I am always nervous to mix work with blogging but I am so happy with my decision and I wanted to share that. 

Now.. back to blogging about my Emmy and her rapid changing into little kidness!
 I am completely obsessed with her cute personality lately. She is talking so much more and her favorite phrases are:

"hold you" (when she wants us to hold her) 
"hug you" (the tightest, longest hugs ever)
 "i yuv you, momma" (at random times)
"tank you, momma" (if I do ANYTHING for her - even a hug)
"okaaayyyyy" (in agreement to us)
"No Ruru! share!" (when she offers him some food and he takes all of it)
"my turn" (mostly to Rufus when playing fetch)
"daddys funny" (when Joe makes voices)
"all betta" (when any of her problems are fixed)

She only wants to wear princess dresses to bed and her princess heels all day. Actually, it's a fight to get her to wear anything else at all. She is obsessed with Frozen and loves to perform the songs and knows most of the words and has little motions and dance moves for us! I think I just smile all the time around her, she rarely gets bad and even when she does and we scold her, she just smiles and says, "Okayyyyyy" and stops. How can you stay mad at that?

We never do. Here's to another great weekend!
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